£141,000+ 4 Schools in South Werrington & North Gunthorpe

Local Liberal Democrat councillor for South Werrington and North Gunthorpe, Darren Fower, has welcomed the coalition Government’s announcement that the final Pupil Premium figures for Norwood Primary School, Welbourne, Gunthorpe Primary, Ken Stimpson and Werrington Primary School, will see each school receive an extra £488 for each child on free school meals that they have on their roll.

The actual figures for each school are:

Norwood Primary School – £10,248

Welbourne Primary School – £18,056

Gunthorpe Primary School – £36,405

Ken Stimpson – £62,464

Werrington Primary School – £14,640

Commenting, Cllr Darren Fower Said:

“Lib Dems have always believed that education is the engine of social mobility, now we are making it happen.

Peterborough as a whole will get an extra £1731000 from the Pupil Premium to improve the education of the most disadvantaged children. This has to be good news!

“This is a real milestone for the Lib Dems ini government. The Pupil Premium is a policy that our guys devised and campaigned for, and put at the heart of our Coalition negotiations. Now it is more than good policy, it is a reality making a difference to the school down our way. It goes directly into classrooms and will benefit all pupils.”

Sarah Teather MP, Minister of State, Department for Education, added:

“It is also a milestone in breaking the link between poverty and achievement, tackling Labour’s shocking legacy where the richest 16-year olds are three times as likely to get five good GCSEs as the poorest.

“This is just the start. We know that some families eligible for free school meals don’t claim them, for example, because some don’t know they can, and so their schools are missing out on funding. We also need to find out what schools are doing that’s really making a difference.”

If you’d like to help, you could contact your local school to find out how they are using their Pupil Premium funding, and how they are making sure they are reaching every child.

Find out more about the pupil premium by clicking here!

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