West Town Primary to relocate on former hospital site (Thorpe Road)

Peterborough District Hospital site
Peterborough District Hospital, built in continuous phases between 1960 and 1968 and including, from 1970, Peterborough Maternity Unit. SOURCE

So ….. building work has started on a new primary school on the former hospital site on Thorpe Road, Peterborough.

Although technically, it’s NOT a new school, as the new building will house West Town Primary Academy who are relocating from Williamson Avenue.

The Council says the new building will open in 2016 (presume September?) and provide places for 630 pupils – double the number at the existing site.

So hopefully, it will help out a little with our city’s impending school places shortfall over the coming years?

The £6 million project is part of the Government’s Priority Schools Building Programme, a scheme launched under the Liberal Democrat/Tory coalition and provides an opportunity for the City Council to try and take as much credit for, as possible!

SHOCK HORROR! The building works are being carried out by Kier Construction that local firm, based in Sandy, Bedfordshire – who also got the £9,500,000 project for the POSH ground, the £24,000,000 Stanground Academy building project, the £14,250,000 Nene Park Academy scheme …… to name but a few!

The council will be contributing £500,000 to help finance the cost of the school build and around £1.5 million towards associated works around the completion of the school.

Don’t panic though, the Tory controlled City Council haven’t just found some pounds down the back of the couch! No, they’ve borrowed the money once more, which means we’ll all be paying this back over the next 15 years 🙂

At least they have respected the historic Memorial Hall, as it will be maintained as a lasting memorial, and I’ll be interested to see how the new school being used as a “modern community hub” works out, too?

School website: www.westtownprimary.org

Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust website: www.cmatrust.co.uk

Kier Construction website: www.kier.co.uk

As always, I’d welcome your comments or thoughts below! 🙂

2 responses to “West Town Primary to relocate on former hospital site (Thorpe Road)”

  1. Do you know what they are doing with the old west town school buildings?
    Both my mother and my daughter attended that school and my daughter has since taught in that school.
    We would all hate to see it pulled down for more housing or left derelict like St Teresa’s (Manor House Street)

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