Working Group to look at #RhubarbBridge – LATEST

Working Group to look at #RhubarbBridge – LATEST

Rhubarb Bridge

A meeting of the City Council’s Cabinet, has agreed to create a Working Group, to look at:

“Whether it is technically and financially feasible to reassign the proportion of the overall budget allocated to demolish the footbridges to instead make significant repairs to the bridge at Junction 18 (Rhubarb Bridge)”

You may remember, the Tories at the Town Hall received something of a backlash, after they announced plans to spend up to £30,000,000 on removing the bridge, and even signed an agreement with Skanska, before seeing what local residents thought?

Some interesting points from the latest report (page 377) include:

  • Approximately 60,000 vehicles use the junction daily, 1,260 pedestrians and 540 cyclists.
  • The Council still claim that not “carrying out an improvement scheme would lead to a significant increase in congestion at this junction associated with the growth of the city and increasing revenue repair costs for the existing network of bridges given their physical condition.”
  • Membership of the group will consist of one elected Member from each of the political groups to ensure cross party representation.
  • It’s expected the group will hold around three meetings. With the first one to be held before the end of the year.
Glinton Bridge
One of TWO bridges that enable school children, pedestrians and cyclists a safe passage A15, and to rise above the air pollution!

My big worry, is that given the huge amount of money involved, there’ll certainly be one or two peeps who want to get their hands on it! And will be devilishly determined to go ahead with the original concept.

Therefore, I personally do hope is that this working group also includes one or two local residents, like those who led on the petition, a rep form the local cycling forum and Sustrans the cycling charity. This has yet to be confirmed.

What do YOU think the Council should do? Please let me know below!

2 responses to “Working Group to look at #RhubarbBridge – LATEST”

  1. Without a doubt the lead petitioner should be on the panel, as well as representation from Sustrans. This bridge serves not just pedestrian and cyclists interests, but also vehicle users by allowing them free use of the junction without fear of conflict with other road users.

    The junction is just too busy for a series of pedestrian crossings that will not only bring conflict, but will also make the junction slower rather than its intended idea of reducing vehicle wait times.

  2. Will minutes of meetings of the Working Group be available on the PCC website?
    With regard to the sum of £30,000,000 quoted by you in this blog, my understanding is that this figure was stated by various cabinet members for the cost of replacing the existing bridge with a equivalent structure. The total cost of the original project proposed by Skanska, ie removal of the bridge, the introduction of at grade pedestrian/cyclist crossings and the addition of road lanes was quoted by council to be £5,000,000.

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