Will new Lidl store be a benefit to the Werrington/Gunthorpe area?

Will new Lidl store be a benefit to the Werrington/Gunthorpe area?
Hundreds of local households SHOULD have received one of these?

You may have read in the local media recently that the Lidl store at Mancetter Square, Lincon Road, Werrington is now up and ready, but it seems some people still have one or two concerns?

I’ve been contacted by a good few local people in recent days, who’ve asked me to raise the following questions, which I have done with the company’s HQ and Lidl UK’s regional head of property:

  1. Will the development provide safe and secure cycle bays for shoppers and how many cycles will they accommodate?
  2. Why are only 6% of car parking spaces allocated for disabled drivers?
  3. What will the opening hours be, and will these alter at certain times of the year?
  4. Will employees be incentivized to cycle or walk to work?
  5. Will the development make use of trees to address air and noise pollution, and to improve the aesthetics?
  6. Where will members of staff park their cars? Will they be using the 138 car parking spaces?
  7. Will the company be supporting through goods or money, local community groups and activities?
  8. How much money have the company agreed to pay in regards Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy?
  9. Will there be any measures to prevent non shoppers from leaving their cars there throughout the day?
  10. What measures are you planning to introduce to address the increase in traffic in and around the Werrington Parkway roundabout?
  11. Have you spoken, or agreed, with Peterborough City Council about arranging for a bus service to be able to drop people off near to the store?
  12. Are all the 40 new jobs full time? Contracted? And what have you done to help attract local residents to apply for these roles?

Once I have a response I will of course share them.

  • To read the Council’s associated documentation on this site, simply visit here!

In the meantime, please do feel free to let me know YOUR thoughts by posting them below!


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