I think #MentalHealth support in schools SHOULD be statutory!

Child depression

As someone who has experience of mental health issues, I am constantly concerned by the lack of effort shown by various sections of society when it comes to mental health.

I recently read that figures from Public Health England showed 1 in 10 children aged 5 to 16 has a diagnosable mental health problem!

Sadly, the impact of poor childhood mental health on later life is huge!

“…half of mental health problems start before the age of 14…” – SOURCE

In my opinion, if the Government are serious about tackling mental health problems in children and young people, they must increase and ring-fence funding to NHS mental health trusts and local authorities.

They should also:

  • Put mental health interventions in schools on a statutory footing.
  • Make mental health first aiders compulsory in all schools and colleges.
  • Alter the Ofsted inspection framework to give greater consideration to mental health.
  • Scrap SATs tests and move to a whole-school approach to testing.
  • Amend the law so coursework can form part of the pupils final grades at Key Stage 4.

Are you a parent with experience in this field? Do you have an opinion on what I’ve said? Please drop me a comment below!

PS – I’ve now emailed all the primary and secondary schools in this area, to ask them what they are doing on this issues and to find out how they’ve been ‘incentivised’ by the Government , as they are, according to reports, supposed to have appointed a designated ‘senior lead’ for mental health to co-ordinate existing support services, as well as helping children access specialist therapies and other NHS treatments.

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