Speeding along #GunthorpeRoad, more of my efforts!

Speeding along #GunthorpeRoad, more of my efforts!

Gunthorpe Road

At a meeting of Full Council last year, I stood up (once more) and raised my concerns about Gunthorpe Road, and asked Tory Councillor Peter Hiller, Cabinet Member for Growth, Planning, Housing and Economic Development, the following question:

“I have been contacted by local residents about the issue of speeding along Gunthorpe Road. Could the relevant Cabinet Member tell me if:

a) we can introduce 30 mph painted markings on the road as you come off the Paston Parkway,

b) why there are no double yellow lines on the corners at the Gunthorpe Road / Gunthorpe Ridings junction,

c) if the vehicle activated sign outside the Harrier Pub could be moved to a more appropriate location, and d) is it feasible for a mini round-about at the Gunthorpe Road / Gunthorpe Ridings/ Coniston Road Junction to be introduced?

Councillor Hiller responded:

“With actually recorded average speeds along the Gunthorpe Road from the A15 roundabout at 17.52 mph and towards the A15 roundabout 17.89 mph. There is not much of a case to spend tax payer’s money to attempt to reduce the speeds at this location any further.

“I have spoken to the ward councillor, Councillor Davidson recently and she is well informed about this stretch of road.”

I was allowed a supplementary question, and therefore made the following point:

“This year we witnessed the death of yet another individual along this stretch of road.

“And I am mindful there have been at least two or three over the years. I wonder if you could let me know how many people actually have to die on a stretch of road in order for this local authority to properly introduce those road safety measures perhaps like those expensive looking ones located in Glinton?”

Councillor Hiller (looking disgruntled) responded:

“As I understand that poor chap died on his moped when he hit the bus stop. How has
that got anything to do with roundabouts and double yellow lines? That’s ridiculous.”

Sadly, I was not afforded the chance to point out that I had spoken with two of the local Police Community Support Officers, who had confirmed to me that their understanding was, that speeding, sadly, had been a factor in regards the latest fatality.

If you are a resident of Gunthorpe Road, or use it, please let me know your thoughts and opinions on this matter, by posting a comment below.


Tory fella Cllr Peter Hiller, first stood for election in the year I first got elected to this area, in the year 2004.

In fact he stood against me for what was then Werrington South, which included Gunthorpe Road!

He didn’t win! In fact he got the least amount of votes amongst ALL the Tory candidates!

Fast forward two years, and in the 2006 local elections he got elected to the Northborough ward (as it was then called), despite getting 173 less votes than he got in 2004!



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  1. Seeding is a big problem going towards the pub from the fulbrridge road end of gunthorpe road. Tailgating also a problem because driving at 30 mph is a big problem too many when there behind you .

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