Could you spot slavery in Peterborough?

Could you spot slavery in Peterborough?

Modern day slavery

“Modern day slavery is a rising threat to our communities, and because of its hidden nature, is a major concern.”

In my opinion, there is no doubt that more people locally, need to be more aware of modern slavery to help tackle criminal gangs exploiting vulnerable workers living in squalor and on scandalous wages.

Thanks to work done by emergency services, suspected brothels have been shut down, convictions secured after car wash operators, nail bars and fast food outlets were all visited.

So many people unwittingly come into contact with potential victims of modern slavery while going about their daily lives and need to report their suspicions to help better expose the “hidden crime“.

The LGA is urging the public to look out for tell-tale signs, such as large numbers of people being ferried to and from properties in vans or minibuses early in the morning and returning late at night.

For more information, I’d suggest checking out

To find out more about modern day slavery and what Peterborough City Council advise, please visit here.

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  • Research estimates there were between 10,000 and 13,000 potential victims of slavery in the UK in 2013.
  • In 2015 there were 3,266 potential victims of modern slavery referred to the National Referral Mechanism – the UK’s framework for referring and supporting victims – which was a rise of 40 per cent on the 2,340 referrals in 2014. The number of referrals made by councils has risen from 172 in 2014 to 306 in 2015 – a rise of 78 per cent.
  • Human trafficking for sexual exploitation, just one form of modern slavery, is estimated to cost the UK at least £890 million each year.
    Common signs of modern slavery (pages 2-4)
  • Under the Modern Slavery Act, councils have a duty to notify the Home Office of any individual encountered in England and Wales who they believe is a suspected victim of slavery or human trafficking.
  • More information on modern slavery

2 responses to “Could you spot slavery in Peterborough?”

  1. Darren, it’s tough one. If you go through websites like,, you will see hundreds of adverts from girls of different ages from Eastern Europe, mostly of Roma gipsy etnicity (Romania, Hungary) and from Asian states… alot of this women don’t speak English…. and they work in brothels. I have reasons to believe they are modern day sexual slaves of their pimps. It is very easy to target, extremely easy, I don’t know why Cambs. Police don’t target the addresses? Neighbours surely report the suspected properties.

    • Thanks for the post and comments, I’ll also be sure to let my colleague Cllr Davidson know about these sites as she has previously raised her concerns on this issue.

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