Here’s why Councillors get a 96% car parking pass discount⁉️

Here’s why Councillors get a 96% car parking pass discount⁉️

It was recently reported that “some Peterborough city councillors are using their parking allowance to park for free when they are not on council business…

Previous message sent out to City Councillors!

Despite this, at the latest meeting of Full Council, the Conservatives at Peterborough City Council voted to keep the cost to elected members at £44 a year.

  • According to the Councils’ website, residents of Peterborough who want a 7-day annual parking pass, must pay £1,176.21 a year.

“The Tory leaders of the council are quite happy to cut £516,000 from youth services and cut back on funding to vital things like the Citizens Advice Bureau, but they want to keep their precious parking allowance that simply adds another £4,000 to the annual budget.” – Cllr Ed Murphy

What does Darren Think?


I’ve long called for the abolition of parking permits for Councillors. I handed mine back a decade ago when austerity started. Since then, I have also handed back my council laptop and mobile phone.

At a time when thousands of our most vulnerable people in the city are being affected by increased costs and council cuts, there is simply no justification for elected members getting perks that Peterborough people have no way of receiving themselves.

Next time you speak to your councillor, why not ask them if they have one and why the feel they should get such a massive discount?

Worth noting:


  • Staff at Peterborough City Council, who actually DO the real work, don’t enjoy this perk.
  • Some councillors get paid an extra allowance (on top of their basic) of just under £1000 a meeting (meetings last about 2 hours and happen 8 times a year), so they can afford to pay they fair share.
  • The Tories at the Town Hall have been crowing on about becoming the Environment Capital for years. What sort of message does it send, when they themselves can’t be asked to get on their bikes, uses buses or walk to meetings etc?
  • Over the last few years, the Conservative controlled City Council have increased the cost of residential parking permits, so double standards?

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