Mayor of PBoro Charity Fund issued with warning following “adverse” activity!

Mayor of PBoro Charity Fund issued with warning following “adverse” activity!
Mayor of Peterborough
The Mayor is allowed to travel abroad for civic purposes during his/her year of office, and the Council book and pay for accommodation directly.


The Mayor of Peterborough Charity Fund (MPCF), has upset the Charity Commission. It has now been audited properly, “… in order to bring the accounts up to date …”.

It was issued with a warning in July 2018 stating that the MPCF was in default of its legal
obligations. Seems they relied too much on a volunteer to process financial information?

The Council have now had to take on the work, creating an extra cost for them.

Where’s it say that then?

Mayor of Peterborough
The basic pay for a councillor is £10,302. However, the serving Mayor also gets an Allowance Account worth £12,000 a year.

Here’s the main points:

    1. The MPCF is a registered charity in its own right and is independent of the Council. It was registered in late 2015.
    2. The MPCF is required by the Charity Commission to upload its accounts and a Trustees’ report annually to the Commission’s website.
    3. Prior to September 2017, the role of the MPCF Treasurer had been undertaken for many years by a volunteer. this role has been incorporated into the duties of Mayoral Services at extra cost to the Council.
    4. The Council claims there was a “… lack of awareness within the Council that MPCF was a registered charity and confers the obligation to upload to the Charities Commission website by a specific deadline.”
    5. Council reports claims, “…out of pocket expenses have not been clearly identified.”
    6. According to the Charity Commission website, in one of the financial years, the MPCF “SPENT” £70,223?
    7. The MPCF need only worry about having an external audit if it raises more than £25,000 a year.


What Darren thinks?

At a time when other charities in our city are suffering, having their funding from the council cut, one charity, the MPCF benefits immensely from the bods at the Town Hall.

To quote the report, ‘The Council provides support to the MPCF in a number of ways. These include administrative support from Council employees, provision of Council venues and equipment for fund raising events and printing of posters and tickets.’

I’d suggest that a good few of the local charities that are trying to do some amazing work locally, would love to receive this level of support for FREE!



I’ve now contacted the Council’s Chief Internal Auditor, and asked him, why the Mayor of Peterborough Charity Fund has “spent” more in one year, than it raised and exactly who’s bank account does the money raised get kept in?

Let me know your thoughts on this below!

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