12 things about the Council candidates, you might not have known!?

12 things about the Council candidates, you might not have known!?

The City Council local elections are to be held on Thursday 5th May 2022 and this year, there’s a few eye openers, as to who is standing and where!

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Labour activists in East Ward will be hoping Cllr Samantha Hemraj is re-elected!

Two important facts that you need to be mindful of are, firstly the polling stations on the day will be open from 7am until 10pm and secondly, you do NOT need your polling card or ID to go and vote, simply turn up and let them know your name and address.

One other point that you might like to note, is that the Conservatives have been in control of Peterborough City Council for 22 years!

So here’s what I’ve noticed

  1. Labour’s Nick Thulbourn, will be seeking election in Bretton, after previously standing for election last year, in East Ward. He missed out then, by just 26 votes! With all three council Bretton seats, presently occupied by Tories, Mr Thulbourn will no doubt be aiming to end their grasp on an area, that some feel, really should not be in the hands of the blue brigade?
  2. Dogsthorpe could prove an interesting one to watch, with Cllr Dennis Jones (Lab) defending his seat? Especially following last year, when the Conservatives took one of the 3 seats, for the first time in years, winning by just 26 votes.
  3. The ward, Eye, Thorney & Newborough will, sadly, be as predictable as ever, with the Tories, all but guaranteed success!
  4. Lib Dems could be decimated in Fletton & Stanground this year, with two of the three seats, up for grabs, after one of their lot, Cllr Terri Haynes, decided to resign a couple of weeks ago. One of the Liberal Democrat candidates this year is Jade Seager, who stood last year and was expected to win. However, the Tories snatched it by 168 votes. The Lib Dems other candidate is Cllr Christian Hogg, who is defending his seat.
  5. Former City Council leader, Mayor and existing Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambs, John Peach, is seeking to end the Lib Dems grasp on Gunthorpe. Mr Peach had previously served as councillor for Park Ward (where he lives), but after losing his seat and several failed attempts to be re-elected for Park, he’s seemingly trying his luck elsewhere!
  6. Experienced City Councillor, Marco Cereste is seeking re-election in Hampton Vale. Last year, the majority of voters did not support the Conservative candidate, but with a turnout of just 21.12%, the blues will no doubt be focussing hard on their core support?
  7. North Ward will be another seat worth keeping an eye out for. For the first time that I can remember, the Greens, Lib Dems etc Have not fielded a candidate, which means voters have a choice between either Labour or the Tories.
  8. Orton Longueville will be losing one of its present Tory Councillors, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Cllr Irene Walsh, who for some reason has decided to stand in Fletton & Stanground, one can only presume that the Tories smell success in that ward?
  9. One existing councillor on the move is Conservative, Cllr Shazia Bashir, who presently represents North ward. This year, it appears she decided she’d prefer to be a councillor for Park ward?
  10. There maybe a surprise in the Paston & Walton ward as well this year, with the Cllr Asif Shaheed, considered the least popular of the three existing Lib Dem councillors standing for re-election. Plus, the Tories have already been out focussing on the Paston part, something Mr Shaheed himself tends not to do, in my opinion!
  11. The election in Ravensthorpe could be the headline grabber this year, with experienced councillor Ed Murphy standing for re-election, as an independent? Labour have put forward a candidate, but its thought the battle will be between ‘Ed and the Tory candidate.
  12. Finally, the Werrington ward made me smile, when I saw that the Lib Dem candidate was Mr Simon Kail. Last year this chap, who is thought to live in Helpston, stood for election in Gunthorpe but lost, and before that stood in Bretton and lost.
John Peach (right) has decided to try his luck in Gunthorpe this year!

One thing, hopefully people will at least recognise is that, casting your vote can actually make a difference as to who wins. And, given the state of affairs in our community right now, spending 10 mins to do so, really is worth it!

PS – The successful candidates will be in position for 4 years!


2 responses to “12 things about the Council candidates, you might not have known!?”

  1. regarding the list of candidates in the forth coming local elections why is a current councilor for Orton Longueville Irene Walsh standing for Fletton and Stanground and Michael Perkins standing in Orton Longueville strange

    • That’s a good question …. I can only presume that they smell success in that patch and want one of their loyal lot to be elected? Cllr bashir I oticed has also decided to move from North ward to Park ward ….. it does make you wonder?

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