#CostOfLivingCrisis affecting 1000’s in Pboro!

#CostOfLivingCrisis affecting 1000’s in Pboro!

Whether it’s paying for fuel, food or bills, thousands more people in Peterborough are feeling the affects of the cost of living crisis!

There have already been several protests in the city!

This week, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, finally admitted, Britain’s cost-of-living crisis is “going to get worse”.

What are the Council doing?

When it comes to the response of the City Council, it appears they are wholly dependent on the Government and lacking in any real initiatives themselves?

This despite the fact that Councillors voted themselves a pay rise a few weeks ago and now get paid more than ever before!

Even the Council’s ‘Household Support Fund‘ ran out in a matter days and we’re still waiting for it to reopen!

Oh! And let’s not forget, for no reason whatsoever our Chief Executive of the Council gets paid more than the Prime Minister!

Facebook user?

If you are a user of Facebook, I would add that there is a dedicated Facebook group regarding the cost of living crisis in our city, and you can join it via THIS LINK!

Campaigners in Cathedral Square, Peterborough.

What about the Government?

Instead of addressing this crisis Sunak has simply set out an agenda for tax cuts directed at big business and the rich.

Workers will have lower real wages, including public sector wages the government directly controls. So will anyone on a state pension, or all those struggling on benefits.

In stark contrast, Peterborough’s MP, enjoyed a pay rise of over £2,000 the other week and now “struggles” by on £7,000 a month.

  • Oh! And if you didn’t already know, he’s been claiming £1500 a month on expenses for his rent, along with hundreds of £’s for petrol …….!

Worth Noting:

Inflation is set to peak near 9% later this year and energy bills, which have already shot up by £693 a year on April 1, are set to rise again in October.

A locally based charity, Food for Nought, that distributes excess food from supermarkets to food banks across Peterborough has warned of an increasing demand – because of the cost of living crisis. They are already delivering over 1,000 meals a week across the city, which is four times more than pre-pandemic.

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