Why are cycle lanes in #Pboro so s**t?

Why are cycle lanes in #Pboro so s**t?

There is no doubt that too many people still consider the concept of cycling as a radical option of transport!

Bizarre really, as in the early 80’s hundreds of workers heading to Brotherhoods, Freemans, the Railway, Royal Mail etc Would think nothing about getting there on their bike?

These days, and in my opinion, as a result of 20 years of Tory rule at the Town Hall, the car is now king in our city!

Look at this pathetic attempt of a cycle lane! Look how the double yellow lines have been painted over the actual cycle way markings!

More recently…

At the end of last year, Council Leader, Wayne Fitzgerald declared, “We are fully committed to increasing cycling and walking levels across the city to help develop sustainable communities.

Thing is, since then I’ve seen sweet FA in regards any effort achieve this and I’ve certainly never seen Fitz on a bike?

Even the local cycling forum seem a bit peeved at present?

“We need Peterborough City Council to create a City Centre Cycling Strategy, which will supplement their emerging (since 2018) Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.

“We also need Dr. Nik Johnson & the Combined Authority to ensure this happens.

“If the Embankment development isn’t radical in terms of transport, we will never get close to the Combined Authority’s commitment to reduce motor vehicle miles by 15% by 2030.”

Peterborough Cycling Forum

Why can’t we just keep driving?

What new housing developments in Peterborough SHOULD look like!

For those who really do need to drive, i.e. emergency services, disabled people etc you should do.

However, the 80% of people, need to start getting into the habit, if not walking or getting the bus, of cycling.

  • In our city, the roads clearly have very little growth opportunity.
  • Many neighbourhood roads now look like unsightly car parks.
  • Petroleum fuelled cars punt out pollutants, that cause cancer and asthma, specifically amongst children. So, if you are a parent its kinda the right thing to do!
  • Less cars on the road means less wear and tear, and thus saves the Council money. Last I heard their budgets are now longer able to afford all the repair work required etc?

In conclusion

If the Government, the Combined Authority and the City Council are serious about encouraging people onto their bikes, in the first instance they need to introduce decent cycle lanes.

Which brings me back to my point, why are the cycle lanes so rubbish in our city?

One response to “Why are cycle lanes in #Pboro so s**t?”

  1. With all due respect, which really is sincere in this instant, I think you’re in cloud cuckoo land.
    It was Beeching who thought in the 60s that the answer to money loss branch lines was to close them as more people were getting cars so more than able to make their own way to the ‘main line’ station and catch the train they would normally change to. Sadly no one factored in that many would enjoy making that initial trip in their own private space and thought that they would make the whole journey that way. Door to door, warm, with their own timetable.

    Sixty years of that and not only do people want a warm, dry, door to door service they want to use it as a status symbol. It’s not the attitude of the council that needs to change it’s the attitude of all those who get into their car as a matter of course to make any journey, apart from putting out the bins.

    The obvious answer is get people to change but how, the obvious answer is through their pocket but that’ll be a “Cost of living crisis”.

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