Did PCC or the Tories breach GDPR?

Did PCC or the Tories breach GDPR?

Labour’s Cllr Aasiyah Joseph has described the tricks used by a Conservative city councillor as, dishonest, workshy and disingenuous!

Cllr Aasiyah Joseph (left) has a track record of working for the community!


So earlier in the year, Cllr Aasiyah Joseph, took up an issue of pavements along Princes Street in Peterborough.

Two weeks later, the issue appeared in a Tory leaflet, with Conservative Cllr Shazia Bashir claiming she’d reported the issue.

Problem was, whoever wrote the Tory article, had been too lazy to alter the wording, which was exactly the same text as Cllr Joseph had used in her email?

When challenged by the council, Cllr Bashir admitted she hadn’t done the work, and that the article was in-fact written by John Peach – the present Deputy Police Crime Commissioner for Peterborough!

Cllr Joseph has since said she reported it all the way to the Chief Executive, but the City Council says nothing can be done?

What else?

It really is worth noting that if the present deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, John Peach, did steal the issue and plagiarize it, the content of his own character must be questioned?

Equally his Tory colleague, Cllr Shazia Bashir has not done herself any favours.

Especially as she is presently paid to be the Councillor for North Ward, but has decided to ditch that area, and instead stand this year for Park Ward?

What Darren thinks?

On the surface, this may appear a slight matter. But, I would suggest what lies behind it is more concerning and sinister.

  1. How did the Tories get hold of the email content sent by Cllr Joseph?
  2. Should councillors be worried that data they present to the City Council is no longer safe?
  3. Why is John Peach writing articles for someone in Park ward, when he is standing for Gunthorpe?
  4. Why is Cllr Shazia Bashir taking credit for others work?

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