Can Cllr Murphy continue representing Ravensthorpe?

Can Cllr Murphy continue representing Ravensthorpe?

It was certainly a surprise to me to see Cllr Ed Murphy standing as an Independent in this years local elections.

From what I can fathom, it seems there’s been some issues between him and the Labour party central office, which has resulted in him deciding enough is enough etc?

Anyhow, he’s certainly in the top 5% of existing councillors when it comes to a track record of dealing with issues and experience.

There’s not much Cllr Ed Murphy won’t talk about!

Fower Facts

  • The last time Ed stood for election, was in 2018, when he beat a certain Paul Bristow, by just 28 votes!
  • Ed has previously served as a County Councillor for Ravensthorpe.
  • At one point, Cllr Murphy served as leader of the Labour group.
  • He’s also served as a senior manager for the local authority in Peterborough and even held the job of Chief Executive for public/private partnerships delivering major regeneration projects.

“We need to tackle the excesses of some private landlords and ensure our neighbourhoods are not blighted by badly kept or badly managed dwellings. If you want an independent representative working for you irrespective of party politics, with a strong track record, then please vote for me on 5th May.”

Cllr Ed Murphy
Ed speaking with local residents

My Thoughts

There’s absolutely no doubt, that anyone who decides to stand for election after spending so long as a political party member, is facing challenge.

There’s also no doubt that there will be 300 or so hard-core Labour supporters will continue to vote for the red candidate.

However, Ed does have several elements in his favour.

  1. He’s well known within the local community.
  2. He’s been the councillor for that area for a long time.
  3. He has a track record of holding the Conservative Council to account.
  4. He’s a strong minded and experienced individual, certainly not a “yes” man.
  5. He clearly has a top notch knowledge of his patch.

Therefore, in my opinion, and given that around 60% of electors don’t normally bother to even vote, I’d say he certainly has a chance, and the successful candidate, could end being either the Tory or Cllr Ed Murphy!?

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