What the hell is happening RE: St Georges?

The other day the Conservative controlled City Council announced that St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool would be closing.

Thing is, they’d just spent over a year negotiating a hand over, had failed to notify opposition councillors and had failed to even mention this option, when they agreed their Budget a few weeks before!?

What does St Georges do?

St George’s has helped over 4,500 local people by providing pain relief, health improvements and freedom from isolation. 

Within 24 hours

The whole day, when the Council announced it would be reneging on its plans, was itself very bizarre!

First off, City Councillors received a letter to say sale plans had been scrapped. The issue then got mentioned on-line. Then “Angry” opposition councillors called for a u-turn. In the afternoon, Paul Bristow MP did a video outside of St George’s, saying he’d be OK with the closure, if a replacement was found. At which point, the Council magically claimed, Thistlemoor surgery was planning to open a new Hydrotherapy Pool next year!

And before the day was done, Ranjith Mahamani, the Physio who was due to buy existing pool, told the media, he’d been in discussions with the council for over a year!?

What’s been said since…

Fower’s thoughts ….

OK …… so here’s my thoughts:

  • There is NO doubt that something FISHY is going on here!
  • Given the way the Tories have handled the Key Theatre, City market and the purse strings at the Town Hall, it does not surprise me!
  • It does dishearten me though, their arrogance in dismissing the needs of some of the most vulnerable in our city!
  • The claim that a new hydrotherapy pool will be sorted in a year is utter tosh. Even if building, planning applications etc go perfectly, which they won’t, it would take longer than a year to realise!
  • Its times like these that our city REALLY does miss out not having an investigative journalist willing to delve into this matter.
  • That said, councillors could of course do this, but many are pre-occupied seeking re-election, and too many of them do not care or are incapable of actually holding the Conservative controlled Council to account!

That said, feel free to drop a comment, opinion or snippet of information below!

In June 2020, “Tory BoyPaul Bristow MP said, “Peterborough City Council, Karen and I are all united in valuing the community pool which can benefit children and adults with a wide range of disabilities or long-term health conditions.”

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