Conservative Councillor and Landlord, accused of “revenge eviction”

The Peterborough Tenants Union (PTU), via their website, have publicly criticised Councillor Gul Nawaz, for trying to evict his tenant from a property at Haddon Road.

Cllr Nawaz (right) on a day out, with fellow Tory, John Peach, who himself owns over 11 properties in the city.

The allegation

The PTU have claimed the tenant at Haddon Road, complained for years about “serious hazards there,” but nothing was done?

They also point out, that the tenant eventually “filed a complaint with Peterborough City Council who inspected the house and directed Cllr Nawaz to act – or face enforcement action.

Concluding that, while some of the defects were “repaired“, in December last year, a week before Christmas, Cllr Gul Nawaz served a section 21 eviction notice on the tenant.

Mr Nawaz …. the landlord

According to the Councils’ formal Register of Interests, Mr Nawaz is involved with at least 5 separate properties, including; 2 Haddon Road, 1 Haddon Road, 36 West Parade, 39 Midland Road, and 3 Sandford, Ravensthorpe, all in Peterborough.

Landlords on the Council

My thoughts

As someone who told me they’d worked in a factory, Cllr Gul Nawaz has certainly done well to end up owning all these properties!?

If what’s being reported is true, then it really does show a rather unkind approach to such housing matters, by someone who should know better.

Councillors are regularly furnished with details on how hard things can be for people living in rented accommodation, and the need for landlords to ensure the basics are maintained for legal and health reasons.

I also find the suggestion Council Officer time is spent having to ensure an elected Tory councillor is properly maintaining his property portfolio, concerning!

I think it is also worth me pointing out, that over the last 12 months, I have had several conversations with people, who are in similar positions. They are in private rented accommodation, their rent is already high and repairs need to be done. But they fear, any complaining by them will either see them evicted or their rent increased. Hence why we need better legislation to protect tenants in private accommodation.

Slightly ironic

  • Councillor Gul Nawaz was jailed for two months in 2002 for falsely claiming £3,000 of housing benefit. READ MORE!
Cllr Nawaz served as Mayor of the City Council between 2019-2021.
  • Due to the pandemic, Cllr Nawaz became the first ever Mayor to serve an additional year in the role. Despite having little to do, it meant he received another years worth of the thousands of £’s in extra allowance the Mayor enjoys!

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