Campaigners launch #SaveStGeorges Petition!

Just a few weeks ago, and despite zero concerns raised at an earlier budget meeting, the majority of city councillors were unaware of any issues in regards the the sale of St George’s Hydrotherapy Pool.

Some City Councillors only discovered the closure plans, via a report that appeared in the Peterborough Telegraph!

The facility has over 4,500 registered users across the city and “is widely used by people with long-term health condition or disability that limits their day-to-day activities.

But, despite months of negotiations for a pre-arranged sale of the facility to businessman Ranjith Mahamani, Peterborough City Council announced its decision to close the facility.

Labour’s Council Group Leader, Cllr Shaz Nawaz, has promised to keep the facility open, if the Tories are dislodged from control locally!
  • Now campaigners have launched a petition, via the Council’s website. To add your support VISIT HERE!

What an Ex-Con said

In December 2021, Cllr Chris Harper, who had sat as a Tory for nearly a decade, announced he was resigning from the Conservative party, as he believed the city was being led down a “wrong and dangerous route.” (Read the article)

More recently he has commented on the situation of St George’s and, as you can see below, like most sensible people, he is not happy.

Cllr Chris Harper, represents Stanground South!

Why should I sign?

It’s important that people do sign the petition to keep St George’s Hydrotherapy Pool going, because:

  1. We’ve heard that the Mayor, Cllr Stephen Lane (Werrington First) will not be holding a special meeting before the local elections.
  2. If Labour do take control of the Council then they will be able to use the signatories as evidence for keeping the facility open.
  3. Equally, if the Tories remain in charge at the Town Hall, then the petition can be used to pressure them to reverse the decision.

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