Local libraries must stay open!

Peterborough City Council has been under Tory control for 22 years!

Where’s the money gone?

Last year we discovered that the bank balance of the Council was kaput! As a result special Government measures had to be introduced and millions of extra £’s of taxpayers money was loaned to the authority!

On top of that, Councillors in Peterborough, were told, in an effort to balance the books, sweeping cuts had to be made to services, which could see local libraries close!

Keep them open!

Now, Leader of the Labour Group on the Council, Cllr Shaz Nawaz, has said “we can do better for Peterborough” and that under his remit, they would remain open!

What about Werrington?

My nearest Library is Werrington, and whilst I myself might not be a regular, I am fully aware of the benefit such facilities can offer; to local groups, those needing a quiet place to study, young families, people without internet access etc

That said, during the 22 years of the Tories “running” the Council, Werrington library has already experienced cuts and belt tightening!

In 2014 for example, they reduced the opening days and the opening times.

Don’t forget!

  • Local elections take place on Thursday 5th May, and polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm.

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