Werrington Sports Centre should “remain open for the community”

At the end of last year, the Tory controlled City Council in Peterborough, announced plans for the Werrington Leisure Centre to be closed, as part of plans to resolve the city council’s financial crisis.

Whilst some Councillors at the meeting, commented on the news, the Werrington First councillors remained quiet during the meeting!?

Labour will Re-Open Centre

Now, Labour Group Leader at the Town Hall, Cllr Shaz Nawaz, has promised to “work collaboratively with other parties“, to ensure assets like the Werrington Sports Centre “remain open for the community“, rather than ignoring the local residents and mothballing them!

Interestingly ….

A few weeks after the closure announcement, Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald claimed the closure related to a shortage of staff …. despite not previously mentioning this? It reminds me a little of the excuses they used for the Brown Bin cancellations?

What about the Ward councillors?

The ironically named Werrington First councillors for the area, once public opinion showed dismay at the decision to close the centre, were quick top respond!

  1. Newborough resident, Cllr John Fox told local media he was “…very disappointed and angry – all three of us (Werrington first councillors Stephen Lane and Judy Fox).
  2. Then a few weeks ago, the aforementioned Cllr Stephen Lane, had the casting vote, supporting the Tory budget, which included the closure of the sports centre!?
  3. In recent times, Cllr John Fox has also been claiming he’s sorted out a “new sports centre with a pool”, which is BS! If he has, then its been done illegally, as there’s been no planning permission sort, no consultation and other areas like Walton, Gunthorpe or Paston, haven’t been asked their views!
  4. Latest murmurings suggest the whole “vanity project” has been put on hold for at least three years.
  5. Reminds me of all the promises around the development of the Tesco Werrington Centre and how fantastic that “was” going to be!?

Sports Centre Petition

Once the community heard about the planned closure, a petition was launched, which received 747 signatures.

The Tory controlled Council, who have been kept in power by the Werrington First lot in recent years, essentially ignored the petition!

One other thing

Another point to keep in mind, is the suggestion that, in the long run, and given the nearby Schools plan to become an Academy, the desire of some at the Town Hall, is simply to pass this community asset over to the school!?

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