Political misogyny in Peterborough

Misogyny remains rife in Parliament, despite politicians across the board condemning recent remarks made against Angela Raynor MP.

But what about politics in Peterborough, is there a boys club mentality?

Angela Raynor MP

Reports in the media, claiming Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner, had been crossing and uncrossing her legs during debates in the House of Commons, to distract Boris Johnson, show the infantile and underdeveloped opinion some male politicians have of their female equals!

But what about Peterborough?

To start with, it’s important to remember just over 50% of the city’s population ARE female!

Conservatives on Peterborough City Council have never had a female leader!

“Peterborough City Council is presently under the control of the Conservatives. They have 28 city councillors and 83% of them are male.”

The male dominated Pboro Tories

  • Both of the 2 Conservative MPs for Peterborough right now are male.
  • It’s been 24 years since the Conservatives even put forward a female candidate to stand in the Peterborough constituency parliamentary elections.
  • The Tories have 19 candidates standing in this years local elections, just 4 of them are female – so 80% of possible Tory candidates are male!!
  • And it’s NOT just the Tories locally, just look at FLib Dems in Walton (and now also Paston), whereby its been 30 years since the area had a female councillor! Whilst the three present male councillors for the ward, are happy for females to give up their time to deliver newsletters or do a bit of telling on election day, the idea that one of them would step aside to help a female stand, seems a no-no? But then, why would they want to give up their roles of sitting on their behinds, collecting the money and saying nothing at Full Council meetings!?

My experience

My own track records shows that when I was a councillor, I made a clear and conscious effort to get females involved, have them stand to get elected!

It’s just a shame that we still have such outdated men involved in local politics!

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