#PCCelections2022 – Tory controlled vs Coalition?

Local elections for the City Council, take place on Thursday 5th May. The polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm. You do NOT need to take any ID with you, and simply need to tell the staff your name and address om arrival!

Presently, Labour have 16 city councillors, the Conservatives have 28, the Lib Dems, 8, Greens have 3, Werrington First have 3 and there are 2 Independent …. with one vacant Lib Dem seat.

Chances of a Lab council?

I’ve just done some number crunching and, sadly, for Labour to take outright control of Peterborough City Council, will require a god like miracle! In so much they would need to win every one of the seats up for grabs!

Let me point out that this is not a criticism, its merely an observation.

I genuinely think most people in the city, would like to see the back of the Tories, but the way the Council elections work i.e. a 1/3 of wards up for election this year, the majority of them are NOT conservative, and thus real change is nearly impossible!

Guarantees RE: Pboro Local Elections

  • Turnout is always low, in some wards as a low as 21.12%!
  • Ironically, the lowest turnout is always in the wards that have the biggest problems, issues and social concerns?

Labour whitewash

Make up of PCC: If Labour won every single ward in this years local elections.

If, in theory, every Labour candidate standing, was victorious, this would be the make up of the City Council. I’ve had to tweak the info, VERY slightly as for some reason in Fletton & Stanground, despite there being 2 seats up for election, the local Labour Party have only put up 1 candidate?

So as you can see, even if Labour won EVERY single ward in the local elections, the Tories could create a coalition between themselves and the other political parties!

My predications

Anyhow, having had a read through each of the wards historical voting patterns, looked at who is standing and using my own knowledge, below is how I expect the City Council to look come the morning of Friday 6th May.

Fower’s 2022 predications of Council make-up POST results!

The Council are in a MESS!

Just look at this video someone sent me, of Tory Council leader, Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald, talking to the local media.

Personally, I worry he believes his own rhetoric!

I mean, the Council ONLY exists today because they got bailed out by money from central Government, a special task force of “well paid” bureaucrats has been sent in to keep an eye on things, council services have been cut and Council Tax has been raised to record levels!

Don’t VOTE Tory!

Either way there are STILL plenty of benefits to not voting Tory this year! Less Tory councillors ….

  1. A better quality of City Council!
  2. Less chance of a Tory majority, and therefore more influence for party councillors!
  3. Less money going into the local Tory party coffers, via monthly contributions made by Conservative councillors!

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