Labour in Peterborough “could” still control Council

Back of Peterborough Town Hall

As you may have read, the during the local election campaign, Tories in their literature were warning about the prospect of a “coalition of chaos” if the Labour Party did well?

NOTE: They did of course forget to mention the “informal” coalition they have had for several years with the Werrington First councillors, within the shadows of the Town Hall?

Anyhow, after the results for Peterborough were declared, people like Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald were quick to tell media that things would remain the same and carry on regardless etc

Thing is ….. The Conservative Party do NOT have the majority of City Councillors, they have 28 out of 60.

Put simply, this means 53% of other political party elected members, make up the remainder of the Council.

Thus, it would be perfectly feasible for them to come to an arrangement to run the Council as a Coalition.

What Cllr Shaz Nawaz said

Cllr Shaz Nawaz, speaking after the count.

Therefore, there have suggestions locally, that a conversation is now taking place between Labour, the Lib Dems and Greens, with the aim of tricking seeking the support of the Werrington First councillors, who might be persuaded, via assurances regarding the opening of Werrington Sports Centre etc?

Might be worth people keeping an eye on Cllr Shaz Nawaz‘s Twitter account?

Do Coalition Councils work?

That’s a question that cannot really be answered. But, there are certainly a range of Councils in this country that operate as a coalition!

However, some of the Councils that do operate as a coalition include:

  • North Somerset: Indie/Green/Lib Dems
  • Stoke-on-Trent: Conservative/Independents
  • Lancaster: Labour/Green/Lib Dem/Independent

And there are several others ….!

Conservatives in Peterborough are BIG fans of money! 🙂

Reasons why the Tories want control

You might think that the Tories want to continue in control of the City Council, on democratic merits alone? Personally, I would suggest there is more to it!

For example, by maintaining control of the Council:

  1. It makes them feel important in their otherwise underdeveloped existence!
  2. It means they can continue to give themselves additional allowances, on top of their basic councillor salaries, worth hundreds of thousands of £’s a year!
  3. It also means, contributions to local party remain high, as Tory councillors are expected to give a monthly % of their money to the party. This pays for the literature and campaign materials, helping them spread their lies and broken promises …..

More reading ….

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