What are Werrington First up to?

The self proclaimed Werrington First councillors have been subtly supporting the ruling Conservative group at the Council for several years.

Even to this day, no one really understands why? It’s not as if they have had a brand new sports centre for their area built and named after them etc 🙂

Werrington First’s Cllr John Fox, Cllr Judy Fox and Cllr Stephen Lane, feeling important at an event last year! (Can you recognise anyone else?)

Worth noting

You might also like to know that the Werrington First (WF) councillors like to tell people they are a bunch of independents, but as you can see from the Electoral Commission website, they are a registered political party, the same way the Conservatives or Labour Party are!

Latest situation

Anyhow, after this years local elections, the WF councillors have, publicly declared that they “will not give their support to any Conservative administration led by Councillor Wayne Fitzgerald,” despite the fact that Cllr Fitzgerald was re-elected as the Tory group leader, unanimously the other day?

The thing is…

  1. Why were the WF councillors happy to support the Tories for several years, even during the previous cuts and increases in Council Tax?
  2. If they have an issue with Wayne, why did they say nothing for the entirety of last year?
  3. Why did one of them, Cllr Lane, vote in favour a few weeks ago, for the latest Tory budget, that includes cuts, closures and another increase in Council Tax?
Cllr Stephen Lane, seemingly excited to meet a rich and entitled individual ….. along with some local Tories!?

So what’s gonna happen?

As is often the way with Pottyborough, no one really knows. But, the chances of having some form of coalition now seems more likely.

But, what promises can be provided to the Werrington First brigade to sustain their consistent support over the financial year?

Equally, how can councillors who have previously supported a range of austerity actions, cuts and detrimental measures, now step up and provide alternative ideas and solutions to the problems that have arisen?

That said, it is still feasible that the Conservatives could form a minority administration, which might cause problems on occasions, but can be done.

And of course, given there are a couple of Fib Dem councillors, who I’d suggest are right of centre, there’s a possibility of an informal agreement between them and thee Tories?

One thing is for certain, the Tories have benefited from being the administration, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of £’s in extra responsibility allowances over the years.

And they will not be keen to lose these payments!

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One response to “What are Werrington First up to?”

  1. Just goes to show when a group is not politically biased the job get done. Well done John & Co.

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