Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald called a “Judas”

Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald called a “Judas”

Mr Fitzgerald was called a JUDAS, by a member of the public, after he decided to Tweet a call out, for the elected Mayor of Cambridgeshire, to consider his position.

It’s a bit ironic, given that Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald himself, is presently unsure of his own position on the Council!

A lot of people were surprised when Mr Johnson, appointed Fitz as deputy!

Why Wayne did it….

Fitz’s Tweet comes after reports of a “whistleblowing inquiry” that claimed Nigel Pauley, advisor to Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) Mayor Nik Johnson, “caused stress and strain to colleagues”.

Responding, Mr Pauley told the BBC, “I utterly refute any improper behaviour on the part of myself or the mayor, who is a person of utmost integrity. As am I.”

An Extraordinary Meeting of the CPCA Board will now take place at New Shire Hall, Alconbury Weald, Huntingdonshire PE28 4YE on Friday, 20 May 2022 commencing at 2pm.

Political games

A couple of weeks ago, Mr Johnson stepped in, to secure the local 68 ‘Tesco’ bus in Wisbech.

From all the bits I have read, and using my own personal experience, I would suggest that this political gamesmanship taking place.

To give an example, I was once “investigated” and it was mentioned in the local media.

Without going into detail, the investigation was undertaken, after the local authority received two complaints. The complainers turned out to be Cllr John Holdich and Cllr John Fox, and they’d complained, after I’d had the audacity to criticise them and get support from people, to get the public gallery re-opened!

Now, people should always remember that there are already plenty of laws and legislation, that mean if an elected member has done something really wrong, they can be dealt with.

When they’ve made a slight error or done nothing, opponents will instigate an investigation, tell the media and try to defame your character …… knowing in the end nothing will happen!

It’s a pathetic practice, and even worse means people like Cllr Fox and Cllr Holdich cost local taxpayers thousands of pounds, because their pride was a bit hurt!

Dr Johnson won the Mayoral election in 2021, securing 113,994 votes, 5k more than the Tory!

Final Thought ….

A lot of people don’t realise just how embedded the right wingers are in the politics of this county!

For example, there’s plenty of them, that are not paid up members of the Tory party etc But, are huge fans of the Blue Brigade, as they got their jobs from a nod and wink, or wads of cash from sucking up to them.

These people are so indoctrinated to Conservatism, that the idea of a non-Tory elected Mayor, especially a Labour one, has caused them sleepless nights.

I would imagine that they are worried they might drop off the gravy train, and god forbid, might have to go and get a proper job, that requires them to actually work! What us lot know as the real world!

I suspect that our present Mayor Dr Nik Johnson will rise above all this, attend the meeting, answer the questions and carry on trying to clean up the mess left by James Palmer!?

And those people who thought they were gonna get rich(er) on the back of promised projects from the former Tory mayor, will just have to get over it!

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