Cycling down Bridge Street (Pboro) – Video

Cycling down Bridge Street (Pboro) – Video


Looks like a cycling videographer missed the “stupid” signs on Bridge Street that tell people not to cycle between certain hours of the day, along there? 🙂

It did remind me….

This latest video acted as a memory catalyst for me, in regards just how over the top, the Tories at the Town Hall have been about cycling along this popular stretch of the city!

Cllr Marco Cereste, has always been in favour of a ban! I think its because he cannot physical ride a bike?

Lest we forget! It was the Peterborough Conservatives who decided to persecute cyclists in this city, by banning the activity along Bridge Street, in the city centre!

What did I do?

  1. At the time, I ran a petition, calling for the introduction of a cycle land along Bridge Street, which secured the support of a couple of hundred peeps!
  2. I even presented a formal motion at a meeting of Full Council, calling for a safe lane to be introduced (thanks Fiona for covering this)!
  3. While in 2014, when the Tories, extended the cycling ban to Sundays, I also opposed that!

Remember the fines?

And in 2016, we witnessed the then Tory Leader calling for a “Zero tolerance” approach to people cycling outside the Town Hall, demanding they be fined £50!

What’s really sad, is a good number of the people who were fined, were in fact travelling to and fro work, and did not speak English as their first language!

The Tories continued their dislike of cyclists in 2018, when Cllr John Holdich called for bigger fines for cyclists!

Not just me!

I would add, that other people have been opposed to the whole thing!

Elsewhere in the world

It’s different elsewhere, in place that are more culturally and environmentally aware, like Bristol, they’ve happily looked at developing pedestrian/cyclist-only spaces!

Irony ….

The best bit now of course, is that having said there was insufficient space for a cycle lane along Bridge Street, the same Tories have now arranged for, what’s left of the City Market traders to be set up there in the coming months?

Having of course, simply smashed up the old City Market, rather than improve it!

Ah! Memories….

The Ex-Tory MP for the city, certainly wasn’t a fan of people cycling outside the Town Hall?

It can be different ….

What a city without “stuffy” male, pale and stale Tories might look like!

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