New football stadium in New England, Peterborough?

Peterborough Sports - New Stadium

There’s been a lot of talk around a new football ground for Peterborough United over the last year or so.

Despite huge amounts of money being spent on their London Road home, over the last decade, there’s a been a firm push, to secure a new venue.

The embankment appears to have seemingly become the only option to them?

However they’ve just been relegated to Division One.

Elsewhere though….

Peterborough Sports, are in fact 15 years older than Peterborough United!

In contrast, Peterborough Sports have just been promoted to the National League North, which means, next year there will be just 2 leagues separating them from The Posh!

Will a new stadium be a benefit?

Well “if” a new stadium were built, to house Peterborough Sports, I imagine the Crown Fish and Chip shop would be over the moon!

I mean, if the City Council and several “movers and shakers” in the city got together, as they seem to have done with PUFC, then New England could be revolutionised!

If we think about all the “positives” put forward by some, for building a stadium on The Embankment, and simply replace the location with the word “New England”, it could rejuvenate this part of Peterborough?

In conclusion ….

Obviously, this article is written with a tongue firmly in the cheek.

But, hopefully you have also noticed the subterranean message of fairness for all, when it comes to sporting activities in our city?

In so much that, while I want to see Peterborough United do well, as much as the next fella, it does not sit right, that a significant effort is afforded to one particular sports club, by individuals with a vested interests, including the City Council.

Especially, when we have other clubs, speedway, ice hockey, rugby and many others!?

So whilst I doubt that Peterborough Sports will get a new 30,000 seater stadium, I do hope the in the coming years, all of the city’s clubs receive a fairer level of support and attention.

On a side note

I note that the owners of Peterborough United are pushing their bond scheme, on the homepage of their website?

The idea, first mentioned a couple of months ago, was said to be for helping “finance redevelopment work for its Weston Homes Stadium and ongoing plans for a new home.”

I guess we will see how many fans decide to part with £500?

A bit more reading?

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