Peterborough Workers need an increase in wages!

Pockets in Pboro are empty!

There are now very few people in our city who are not feeling the impact of the Cost of Living Crisis and things are only set to get worse! 

What we need to see is a reversal of the real-term wage losses that took place during the Tories’ era of austerity.

Prices are continuing to rise at their fastest rate for 40 years with food costs, particularly for bread, cereal and meat, climbing.

“I fully support the TUC’s call for an increase in wages, with public sector increases being funded by the Treasury.”

Things are getting bad for people!

With every passing day, without proper action from the Government, more and more people are falling behind on their rent, their mortgage payments. Their ability to afford fuel or energy bills is dwindling. Whilst, food costs are now increasing by up to 40% on some items.

Sadly, it also means more and more people using payday loan websites and credit cards to sustain their situation.

We need an Emergency Budget!

We are in a state of emergency, and we need proper, firm action from the Government.

We need the Conservatives to sit down with Trade Unions, organisations like Citizens Advice etc and agree a plan that will actually help people over the next two years.

We need an increase in the minimum wage, we need an increase in Universal Credit, we need public sector wages to at least keep pace with inflation,  and recognise the need to restore real wage losses from years of austerity.

Leading politicians have already suggested restoring the £20 uplift to Universal Credit, with some arguing it should be doubled by £40 per week!

What about the wealthy?

“During the Covid pandemic, the richest 10% of households enjoyed an estimated increase in wealth of £50,000 each on average.”

We also need to recognise that expecting 80% of the population to take the strain, while ignoring the 20% who have never been better off, is economic insanity.

Hence, we need to increase tax on the wealthiest, which in turn will tackle rising inequality and support those on lowest incomes.

Why should we care?

The longer the Government sits on its hands, the bigger the impact down the line on society as a whole.

Equally, businesses who rely on customers to buy and spend, will be affected in the next 2 months, as more people tighten their belts.

Many people are now getting used to not going out for drinks, meals, clothes shopping or popping to the DIY store and purchasing items for jobs that “could do” with being done.

The Tories talk about levelling up, well if they are serious, then we must see a redistribution of wealth and a boost to incomes of the poorest and most in need.

What about some action?

  • If you use Twitter and live in the Peterborough constituency, why not touch/click this link – – to ask what our MP is doing to help? 
  • If you prefer to email you MP, then you can do so, via

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