Crime UP by 24% in North of Peterborough, in ONE month!

Two police officers

The number of reported crimes for April 2022, in the area covering Ravensthorpe, Bretton, Paston, Walton, Werrington, Glinton etc, was 815, the highest for over a year!

One of the most important facts to remember when looking at police statistics, is that they only cover the number of reported incidents.There is no way of measuring crime that goes unreported or, it appears, the number of calls to 101, that tale so long, people simply then give up and put the phone down.

Some of the roads that have seen above normal reports of crime over the last year, include; Waveney Grove, Chadburn, Norwood Lane, Werrington Centre, Watergall, Essendyke and Tansor Garth. 

Equally worrying, is the fact that the police’s own figures show that 62.5% of reported incidents ended up being classified as either “Unable to prosecute suspect” or “Investigation complete; no suspect identified”.

Another aspect to note, is that Violence and sexual offences accounted for nearly 40% of reported crime, over the last year.

So what’s the problem

In the first instance, we can all figure out that contributing factors like the cost of living crisis and that our city is riddled with drugs, will be having an impact on crime figures.

But, as to why our city has such high levels of domestic violence or sexual offences, is less clear. 

Personally, I think the fact we still have unacceptable levels of misogyny in the city, which of course is the misconception women are not equal to men etc doesn’t help things!

But as for the sexual offence, I’d be intersted to hear from others as to why they think these figures sare so high?

Inregards addressing crime, and remembering that the police should ideally be about crime prevention, we cannot also ignore the fact that we still have fewer police staff than we did in 2010.

On top of that, for all the recruitment taking place, new officers are less experienced compared to those of 10-15 years ago.

Looking locally, we have seen police stations like the one in town or Werrington Centre, cease to exist.

And then of course in 2020, we witnessed Cambridgeshire police cutting the number of PCSOs (police community support officers) by 50% and scrapping its community safety team.

The irony of course being, is that we have only ever had Conservative Police and Crime Commissioners, who promise to be tough on crime, but in reality, are soft on solutions!

So what do we do?

  • On a personal note, I would always urge people to report crime, either via telephoning 101 or visit the Cambs Police website.
  • I would also urge people to contact the Police Crime Commissioner if you are not happy with any crime or policing matters, as at least he will then be aware. I’d suggest doing this via emailing or visiting their Facebook page.

See for yourself

To view the latest figures by visiting here!

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