Pboro pet owners may be forced to give up their pets as #CostOfLivingCrisis continues!

Dog with RSPCA officer

Across the country, dog and cat owners are being forced to give away their beloved pets, as the cost of living crisis grips the nation, and food and vet bills increase.

Thousands of people in Peterborough own some form of pet, and some households have several creatures.

The average price of dog food is 16.75% higher than it was this time last year!

Therefore, as the price of consumables continues to increase, it is no surprise to read that some individuals are now reaching a point where they cannot afford to keep their animals.

Of course, the other problem is, there’s no real government support for such situations, animal charities are already overstretched and right now, no one seems to be coming up with a solution?

What does the Dogs Trust say?

The Dogs Trust charity, recently published some research, discovered 68% of dog owners in the UK feel worried, to some extent, about how they will care for their dog in the next year.

“We know from the experience of the 2008 recession that the economic crisis can and will lead to people needing to give up their beloved dogs. Sadly, many loving dog owners simply won’t be able to afford to keep them.”

Owen Sharp, Dogs Trust CEO
Dog at the vets

Elsewhere, the RSPCA has pointed out that in 2021, they took 20,188 (55 a day) cats into its care and received 53,388 complaints.

They have also highlighted there’s a shortage of vets and with an increase in pet ownership over the pandemic, many practices are now under a lot of pressure with waiting lists for procedures.

What about the Council?

Sadly, the City Council no longer employs their own dog wardens, and therefore relies on private companies or charities to deal with animal welfare.

The Council have provided some information, which you can read via here!

As always, I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on this matter, so please feel free to post below!


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