30% shortfall in Students at new Peterborough University!

Peterborough University

Previously, it had been claimed this new education facility would be seeking to attract and support people from within the city, but it seems that plan is not working out?

In 2020, the then Conservative leader of the Council, Cllr John Holdich, declared, “…it will help stop our talented young people from leaving the city to learn and set up life elsewhere…”

“Peterborough has seen rapid expansion in both population and employment levels in recent years.

“Skills growth, however, has not kept up and skills levels in Peterborough are currently in the bottom 10% of the country.

“There simply aren’t enough workers with the right skills for businesses in Peterborough to thrive and, as a result, the affluence of the area has declined.”


What’s the latest?

So despite having said there would be 2000 students starting in September, we now learn that it will be more like 1200-1400 students. That’s a 30% shortfall!

That’s a lot of lost revenue……..!?

In what I presume is an attempt to spin this scenario, the Uni is now boasting about the the number of foreign students who have so far signed up to study at their venue, despite, as I understand it, the number is around 50?

Do students want to study in the city?

There will of course be some students, who either through family commitments or finance, wish to remain in further education locally.

But, be under no illusion, there are still plenty of people who want to leave the city, even if its just up the road in Nottingham or Leicester.

Why? Well to put it simply, these places are better than Peterborough, on so many levels.

Questions that need an answer:

  1. Will there be 1200 or 1400 students come September?
  2. How many of these will be students from the Peterborough area (NOT including areas like Stamford or Deeping or Yaxley for that matter)?
  3. How much more money does the Uni make from having a foreign student?
  4. Why have they not achieved the 2000 student target?
  5. What are they doing to ensure a better take up in the coming years?

Other inaccurate claims:

Developers previously promised to provide 77 student rooms, on the site of the Solstice Pub, including communal facilities, however this year we discovered that the intention now was for apartments “solely for private use” rather than for part private, part student use, as was the plans were originally drawn up!?

Final comment:

What does irritate me a little, is that we still have people in this city, tasked with improving it, getting handsome salaries, and yet when their predictions or claims end up wrong. They don’t say “sorry”, instead they try to put a different spin on things or simply pretend they never said stuff!?

3 responses to “30% shortfall in Students at new Peterborough University!”

  1. Peterborough City Centre is now full of flats, no nightlife or independent shops. Wayne Fitzgerald and his party have ruined what was a great place to live. I was born in Peterborough, it’s changed beyond belief, not for the better

  2. Take closer look… Town centre looking like place for gamblers, homeless, and baggers. Only one sensible place to go called Queensgate is charging silly non refundable money for parking if you want to call in. Some areas nearby are visually and culturally closer to Third World countries from Middle East than Europe. If you’re young woman you have a big chance to be insulted by muslim groups… What else to say? What else must happen to change it? I remember Peterborough from years before, and it was totally different place, now it’s so hopeless …

  3. I had a vested interest into why the university was to be built where it is, I opposed it for various reasons, wish I had kept the correspondence now but for me I think this will prove to be maybe the biggest white elephant ever for the city.

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