RE: Bretton Tree – Vice Dean of Cathedral says Council was wrong!

Bretton Oak Tree - Campaigners

After a year of campaigning, local residents have now been dealt an insulting blow, after the City Council said it would not be holding an inquiry into the felling of the 600-year-old tree, that had stood in Ringwood, Bretton.


In 2018, a crack appeared in a nearby house and it was speculated that the tree, along with the unusually hot summer may have been responsible for the damage.

Subsequent research discovered that it was not certain the oak is responsible for the damage.

Many residents felt strongly that the old Oak is part of their heritage and the inheritance of their children.

In response, campaigners organised petitions, attended meetings, lobbied councillors and even arranged for a qualified (independent) assesment of the situation.

Sadly, in the end their calls were ignored, and the tree was destroyed.

What the vicar said?

Anyhow, at the recent remembrance event, to highlight the Council’s failure, those who attended received a speech from Revd Canon Tim Alban Jones, Vice Dean of Peterborough Cathedral.

During which he stated, mourning the loss of the tree was “an entirely proper and right thing to do” and went on to say, that the tree “should have lasted for much longer”, sadly too many Conservative councillors disagreed with him.

Fower thoughts ….

  1. I think some of the opposition city councillors could have done a lot more.
  2. I think it should be noted that the 2 Green Party city councillors did attend the protest events.
  3. I don’t understand why, when there are more opposition city councillors, than Tory ones, that the blue brigade can still dictate what they will or won’t do?
  4. I found it a tad bizarre that one day after the tree was felled, the Woodland Trust created a press release, essentially saying there’s not much they can do in this type of scenario?
  5. For example, one could suggest the Woodland Trust could have perhaps got behind the campaign a bit more and covered the costs of further legal action? I know money is tight for charities, but a) Their income last year was £87,485,000, b) Their CEO is paid between £130k and £140k a year, and c) 9 of their staff cost them well over £600k a year, perhaps one of them is a lawyer?
  6. Having said all that, we shouldn’t take our focus off the fact that the Tory controlled City Council in Peterborough are the ones who chose not to stand up to an insurance company, who removed the tree preservation order, who ignored the petitioners, who spent thousands on a security firm and who, despite declaring a climate and ecological emergency in 2019 and committing to be carbon neutral by 2030, have instead shown that money talks!

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